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Last Public Meeting

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Dog-Free Area

For several years now and again at the November public meeting, there have been requests for a dog-free area. Due to the popularity of the field the Trustee's feel that this needs to be addressed and are proposing to section off the area from the wooden gate in Grange Road across to the corner where the land meets Bushey Academy. A metal fence is proposed that will include two pedestrian gates and a vehicle gate so that access can be given for grass cutting etc. A map is pictured below

Our field is held in trust to make a substantial contribution to the life of the whole community. It is to be enjoyed by people of all ages and physical abilities. It is an attractive open place for people to take air and exercise, meet others and pursue leisure activities and pastimes consistent with shared enjoyment of the whole land. It includes "natural" areas where people can enjoy Nature and wildlife at first hand and it makes a positive contribution to the local environment and respects the established character of the area.We trust that this proposal will be accepted so that the field caters for all members of the community.

You are welcome to contact the trust with your comments.


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Model Aircraft Flying

Complaints have been received about a person who is flying model aircraft from the Field.

This activity is outside the terms of the insurances for the Field, and cannot continue. 

As Trustees cannot monitor the Field at all times, please advise that person that they must stop, or phone one of the Trustees


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Fill A Gap ?

There are currently gaps in the tree belt just behind the nursery off Falconer Road. The Friends plan to plant a mixture of native trees, mainly ash and hazel, these are self-sown trees removed from peoples' gardens, so have been sourced at no cost. All planting will take place during the winter.

Will you help the Friends of the Manor Field plant and water the trees for the first few months until they are established ?

Please Contact us for more information


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Clean Neighbourhood Act

A clean and pleasant  land is something we all enjoy.

The new Clean Neighbourhood Act is now in force to help us get exactly that.

Responsibilities of visitors to "our Field" are on the notice board.


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